Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kids' Bedroom Part 4 :: Final

So here is the final slideshow with the finished product. ^_^ I'm really excited with how it came out. I had gotten the room cleaned out and the new dresser moved in, when The Man decided to take over lol. I still haven't hollowed out the open part of the dresser to make a shelf, but I will get to it soon. Look, they like it to. :D

<3 Krissy

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids' Bedroom Part 3

I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to do this kids room. I want to start it tomorrow.
I have this pretty, old dresser, thats just been taking up way to much space in my living room, and I decided it was going to be the one I used in the kids' room. It's three drawers up by two across. Its a fairly pretty deep wood. I figured since it was going to go in the kids room, I'd color coordinate the drawers.

::: I started out removing all of the handles. It was missing two or three of them, so they didn't match any way.
::: I took some scrapbook paper that I had stored away and cut it into strips to hot glue onto the individual drawers.

::: I used a pencil to poke the holes into the paper where the handles had been.

:: I used hemp to create the handles. Taleah's drawer is purple, Audry's is Yellow, and Jason's is green. The red drawer is for socks and diapers and whatnot. I only used four of the six drawers, because I'm hollowing out the other two and making shelves. I'll post pictures of that, when i finish it tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tshirt Fringe Scarf

I love stumbling for new and awesome things to make. I love DIY, I love tutorials, I love up-cycling. I was stumbling recently and came upon this awesome scarf. The picture was linked to a website tutorial, but the links weren't working, so I don't have credit or anything for the maker. Anyway, since I couldn't access the tutorial, I decided I'd figure it out on my own.

EDIT:: A friend on a forum found the original for me. :D So here is the link to the original tutorial.

Here's my Tutorial, for these amazing fringe scarves. It's an accessory that can be worn with everything if you give it a neutral color (unlike the color I made mine, to the left ;D).
Wow, lucky you; you get to see me without my face on, no makeup at all.

All you need is an old tshirt (any color: bold, patterned, neutral, whatever) and a pair of fabric scissors (or similar anyway).

1. 2.

:: Step One :: Cut the shirt across in a straight line from one armpit to the other. What you'll have left is a rectangular tube.
:: Step Two :: Depending on the thickness you want, cut either half inch or inch wide strips across the bottom. The longer the cut, the longer the fringe will be. I cut about half way up.

3. 4.

:: Step Three: Cut through the seam on either side, along the strip, so you don't end up with one really thick fringe from the sides.
:: Step Four :: Start at the top of the fringe and pull down, causing them to roll.
:: Step Five :: Pretty much the same as four, just continue all along them. I stretched each one three or four times.

:: WalhLa! :: Wear you're finished piece. :D Embellish it if you wish, wear it with buttons, layers, or whatever. ^_^ I absolutely love it. I'm going to wear it to the college next week.

<3 Krissy


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my future. I’ve been spending way to much time trying to figure who and where I want to be in ten years… I’ve decided not to think like that anymore… instead I’m thinking about what I want to know in ten years. :D I has a lil bit of a list I’ve been working on. Its kind of a long list… but I have ten years to accomplish it lol.

Random shit I want to learn::::

  • Computer Programing Language:: Python is a good start.
  • Morse Code
  • Welding
  • cook Mexican food
  • speak Spanish
  • learn to play the sax
  • archery
  • sailing
  • grow plants in general and gardening
  • automotive repair
  • juggling
  • knitting
  • glassblowing
  • butcher my kill
  • learn to hunt
  • build a wall
  • set a bone
  • first aid/EMT training/CPR/
  • bake bread
  • general house repair
  • electrical stuff
  • learn to build solar energy thingies
  • fly small aircraft
  • learn to drive stick shift
  • ballroom dancing
  • swing dance
  • poker, chess, go
  • darkroom photography
  • home-brewing
  • bartending
  • weaving
  • lock picking
  • I also want to completely redo my house

:D Just a start of little interesting nothings that I would like to know how to do. I think its a fun way to start out life right. Any ideas?

<3 Krissy

Kids' Bedroom Part 2

So I know its weird looking lol, I’m not a good drawer. But the picture is numbered and I can tell you whats going on. :D This is what I’m thinking about doing to the kids room. If you look at the old pictures, there is a dresser, a tv stand, a big bed, and a small bed. What I’m thinking is stealing their dresser and putting it in my room, and giving them my dresser, which is a 3 drawers by two drawers instead of six by one.

1. Dresser, 3 drawer by two drawer.

2. Is the big mattress, which will go on top of the dresser, and supported with two by fours on all sides.

3. Is the ladder. :D Obvious enough.

4. I’m going to tear apart the wooden tv stand and make a bunk bed for the small bed that goes lengthwise across the width of the big bed. (Does that make Sense?) Railing on all sides.

5. This is a reinforced shelf I’m going to put up for the TV, with shelves underneath it for their movies and books.

This set up would completely clear up the floor space in their room, so they have a bigger play area. :D I think it’ll also be much easier to keep clean this way. Any opinions?

<3 Me

Kids' Bedroom Part 1

This is the kid’s bedroom at the moment. Messy, real tiny, no room to play, no creativity, no fun. I really dislike it. I’m trying to figure out some ways to change it up. Make it organized, efficient, creative, and fun. I’ll post what I come up with. :)

Fixing My World

We all live in such a cluttered, fast paced world. I want to slow down and enjoy my life with my hubby, and make things easier in my day to day life. This is my Do it yourself blog… Fixing my world, fixing my house (so it make more sense lol), fixing my relationship, fixing my holidays… the list is endless really. This is where I’m going to post what I’m changing, what I’m doing, maybe tutorials if I can manage it.

How boring sounding :D

We’ll see.

<3 Krissy