Thursday, October 27, 2011


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my future. I’ve been spending way to much time trying to figure who and where I want to be in ten years… I’ve decided not to think like that anymore… instead I’m thinking about what I want to know in ten years. :D I has a lil bit of a list I’ve been working on. Its kind of a long list… but I have ten years to accomplish it lol.

Random shit I want to learn::::

  • Computer Programing Language:: Python is a good start.
  • Morse Code
  • Welding
  • cook Mexican food
  • speak Spanish
  • learn to play the sax
  • archery
  • sailing
  • grow plants in general and gardening
  • automotive repair
  • juggling
  • knitting
  • glassblowing
  • butcher my kill
  • learn to hunt
  • build a wall
  • set a bone
  • first aid/EMT training/CPR/
  • bake bread
  • general house repair
  • electrical stuff
  • learn to build solar energy thingies
  • fly small aircraft
  • learn to drive stick shift
  • ballroom dancing
  • swing dance
  • poker, chess, go
  • darkroom photography
  • home-brewing
  • bartending
  • weaving
  • lock picking
  • I also want to completely redo my house

:D Just a start of little interesting nothings that I would like to know how to do. I think its a fun way to start out life right. Any ideas?

<3 Krissy

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