Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kids' Bedroom Part 2

So I know its weird looking lol, I’m not a good drawer. But the picture is numbered and I can tell you whats going on. :D This is what I’m thinking about doing to the kids room. If you look at the old pictures, there is a dresser, a tv stand, a big bed, and a small bed. What I’m thinking is stealing their dresser and putting it in my room, and giving them my dresser, which is a 3 drawers by two drawers instead of six by one.

1. Dresser, 3 drawer by two drawer.

2. Is the big mattress, which will go on top of the dresser, and supported with two by fours on all sides.

3. Is the ladder. :D Obvious enough.

4. I’m going to tear apart the wooden tv stand and make a bunk bed for the small bed that goes lengthwise across the width of the big bed. (Does that make Sense?) Railing on all sides.

5. This is a reinforced shelf I’m going to put up for the TV, with shelves underneath it for their movies and books.

This set up would completely clear up the floor space in their room, so they have a bigger play area. :D I think it’ll also be much easier to keep clean this way. Any opinions?

<3 Me

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