Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids' Bedroom Part 3

I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to do this kids room. I want to start it tomorrow.
I have this pretty, old dresser, thats just been taking up way to much space in my living room, and I decided it was going to be the one I used in the kids' room. It's three drawers up by two across. Its a fairly pretty deep wood. I figured since it was going to go in the kids room, I'd color coordinate the drawers.

::: I started out removing all of the handles. It was missing two or three of them, so they didn't match any way.
::: I took some scrapbook paper that I had stored away and cut it into strips to hot glue onto the individual drawers.

::: I used a pencil to poke the holes into the paper where the handles had been.

:: I used hemp to create the handles. Taleah's drawer is purple, Audry's is Yellow, and Jason's is green. The red drawer is for socks and diapers and whatnot. I only used four of the six drawers, because I'm hollowing out the other two and making shelves. I'll post pictures of that, when i finish it tomorrow.

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